Wigs vs. Hair Toppers

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Are you experiencing hair thinning or significant hair loss following medical treatment? Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be a big problem for anyone. But there is a solution for everyone: wigs and hair toppers. It may seem difficult to choose between a wig and a hair topper, especially if you are unfamiliar with them.

This article examines the main differences between the two.

Difference Between Wigs and Hair Toppers

Wigs and hair toppers are wearable hairpieces that help add length or volume to your hair.

Wigs are pieces of hair attached to a cap or band that fit over your hair and are designed to cover your whole head. Hair toppers are usually worn by people who have thinning hair but still want the appearance of having thick locks on top of their heads. They look like mini-wigs but are designed to cover the thinning areas and tend to be more lightweight, making them more comfortable than wigs.

Knowing the difference between the two can help you make the right choice.


Coverage is the most obvious difference between wigs and hair toppers. Wigs cover the whole scalp, while a hair topper covers only a section of your hair. People in the early stages of hair thinning can opt for toppers, and those in the advanced stages of hair loss or baldness can opt for a wig.

Attachment Technique

Wigs can be attached to existing hair or even work without natural hair, while hair toppers should be clipped onto the natural hair. So toppers are better for people with thinning hair, problem spots, or gradual hair loss.


Hair toppers have to be matched with your hair as your original hair will also be visible when wearing a topper. With wigs, however, you can experiment with any color based on your mood, and this is one of the reasons people prefer wigs to hair toppers.


Wigs and hair toppers are an easy way to look great, but they can also be a delicate investment that requires proper care. Wigs can be braided, curled, and styled in various ways to fit any occasion and drastically alter your look. On the other hand, hair toppers only permit a small amount of styling because doing so requires heating your natural hair too, which is not advisable.


Hair toppers are lighter than wigs as they are smaller, and they allow your own hair to “breathe”. Lace hair toppers, in particular, are extremely thin and breathable, making them easy to wear all day.

The wigs, on the other hand, are constructed using thicker material, and wearing a wig cap is recommended, making the head feel warm and sometimes uncomfortable.


As toppers use less material and take less time to make, they are more affordable than wigs. The cost will depend on the materials’ quality and size.


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