Hair Restoration Solutions in Salt Lake City – Argyle Hair Solutions

Argyle Hair Solutions specializes in non-surgical hair restoration in Salt Lake City. We are the leading hair restoration experts with the experience, compassion, and knowledge needed to create a personalized approach to providing the head of hair you have always wanted.

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At our haircare center, each customer works with an experienced hair restoration stylist to determine the best system for their specific needs. We take the time to listen to your goals, and then we create a customized approach to provide you with healthy, natural looking hair. In many cases, our customers have been told by a hair restoration surgeon in Salt Lake City that they cannot help restore their natural hair. With our systems and options, you can avoid the costs and challenges of a hair transplant clinic and work directly with our team to create the look you want. To get started, schedule a consultation with the hair restoration specialists of SLC at Argyle Hair Solutions.

Hair Restoration Treatments Offered by Argyle Hair Solutions in Salt Lake

Creating beautiful, natural, healthy looking hair is our mission and passion at Argyle Hair Solutions. Our stylists provide male and female hair restoration services that range from wigs and toppers to hair restoration systems that offer low-maintenance, natural looking and feeling hair. As each customer has different goals and desired outcomes, we also offer a range of hair regrowth, restoration, and replacement products. We also help our customers identify the causes of hair loss and to recommend different options and treatments that can help in strengthen existing hair and aiding in new hair growth.

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Many people first come to Argyle Hair Solutions assuming they require a hair restoration surgery program. While hair restoration surgery can work for many men and women, it is costly and can take months for the results to be visible. At Argyle Hair Solutions, anyone can take advantage of our hair restoration services without the worries, concerns, and risks of undergoing hair transplant surgery. Our hair restoration therapy includes the use of hair growth products, including the highly effective XTCTM Hair Rejuvenation Systems. These products help combat aging hair or hair that is thinning or damaged from styling, treating, and processing. Our hair restoration systems provide a long-lasting option for hair that requires limited maintenance while still giving you the look and style that makes you feel wonderful about how you look.

Thinning hair can have a dramatic effect on your self-confidence, and it can be difficult to find solutions to the problem. At Argyle Hair Solutions, we focus on helping men and women find the hair restoration services that make them feel good about how they look. To schedule a free consultation call us at 801-791-6178.