Common Questions About Hair Systems


How much does this cost?

Introductory Offer

We offer an introductory program that allows a person to try our services and determine if it’s a fit for them.

We call this offer: Give It a Try For $1500

This offer includes

  • a stock hair system
  • full initial service
  • three follow-up appointments
Program Pricing

A typical service program runs $150/mo.

This includes one full service monthly as well as substantially discounted follow up services and lower hair prices. 

Monthly service includes:

  • Removal 
  • Cleaning and coloring of your system 
  • Haircut
  • Reapplication

Hair prices on a program start at $375 as your monthly fee includes a buydown on your hair system(s).

Non-Program Pricing

Service appointments bill at $100/hr. (with a typical service appointment lasting 1 hr.)

Service appointment includes:

  • Removal 
  • Haircut
  • Reapplication

Hair prices start at $550.



How often does hair need to be replaced?

Hair replacement depends on the type of system you wear and your lifestyle. Clients who prefer an ultra-thin polyurethane base can expect to get 6-8 weeks of use. While clients with a more durable base can get up to 4-6 months.


What is the maintenance?

How often do I need to come in?
Maintenance appointments are scheduled based on personal preference and they type of adhesive used, with 2-5 weeks being the typical length of time between service appointments.
What maintenance do I need to do at home?
Once you and your stylist have determined the best adhesive for you, at home maintenance is minimal. Your stylist will instruct you on the tools and techniques for getting the most out of your system.


Can I keep up on this out of state?

YES! An initial service appointment will allow us to make a template for your system and show you the ropes of application and maintenance. After that, many clients opt to ship us their systems for cleaning and receive new systems and adhesives through the mail.