Potential Causes of Hair Loss in Women

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Hair is a significant part of our physical appearance, and hair loss in women can cause significant distress to some people. If you are losing more than 125 hairs per day, then you are likely to be experiencing hair loss. Hair loss is medically known as alopecia and can be temporary or permanent. The causes are numerous, and hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause in women.

Here are some of the potential causes of hair loss in women:


Both men and women are affected by hereditary hair loss. We’re typically more aware of the first sign of hereditary hair loss in men, which is a receding hairline or bald spot at the top of the head. The first visible sign of genetic hair loss in women though is usually overall thinning or a widening part. A hair specialist or a doctor can advise you on the treatments to slow or minimize hair loss and make the hair appear fuller.


Nutritional Deficiency

Not getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet can lead to several health problems, including thinning hair. The most common vitamin deficiencies that cause hair loss include iron, biotin, vitamin B12, and zinc. Biotin deficiency can also cause hair loss by disrupting normal cell growth in the body. Biotin is necessary to produce keratin, which helps your body maintain healthy skin and hair follicles. If you don't have enough biotin your body will be unable to keep up with demand which may result in thinning or breaking off at its roots.



Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to temporary hair loss. This is because of the estrogen your body produces at a higher rate than usual. It's normal for this to happen, and it will go away once you give birth, but if you notice that the amount of hair you're losing is excessive or has been going on for longer than four months after giving birth, then it might be worth speaking with your hair specialist or doctor about other possible causes.



When you're going through a stressful, traumatic, or life-altering event, such as a divorce, a death in the family, a significant job change, or a big move, your body can temporarily halt hair growth as your body devotes its resources to getting you through the big event. Similarly, physical stress like an operation, anemia, or losing a lot of weight can also cause temporary hair loss.


Regularly Wearing Tight Hairstyles

Hair loss can occur when people wear tight braids or tight ponytails and is called traction alopecia. It can cause progressive thinning of the hairline and sometimes permanent hair loss too.

There are many other reasons, like hormonal imbalance, autoimmune diseases, and scalp infections that can cause hair loss in women. When you can see scalp skin through hair, have thinner ponytails, see your hair breaking more than ever, or notice anything abnormal, you should consult a hair professional like Argyle Hair Solutions. Our hair restoration specialists will use their expertise to come up with the right solution to suit your needs, style, and budget. Book a consultation today and make every day a good hair day!

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