Professional Line Hair Systems

Argyle Hair Solutions has taken our flagship professional line products in combination with industry leading liquid adhesives to offer you the best materials currently available in one package.

The Argyle Hair Solutions Professional Line Hair Systems Package is an all-inclusive kit that will allow industry professionals to gain access to an entirely new market. This kit includes top of the line products and instructional materials that will walk you through the process of hair replacement from beginning to end.

How Does It Work?

Use the order button on this page to let us know you are interested.

A representative from AHS will contact you to get shipping and order details as well as answer any questions you may have.

After a small down payment that will be added to your order, we will ship you a hair sample ring that you can use to choose your color(s). You will also receive access to our private video tutorial series.

Once you have chosen your colors your kit will be assembled and shipped.

The Kit Includes:


Instructional Materials

Private access to instructional videos from long time industry professional and owner of Argyle Hair Solutions. This video series will walk you through the process of hair replacement from removal to cleaning to final installation. Email alerts will let you know when new material has been added to the library. Additionally, there are materials on our public YouTube channel that you can use to help clients understand the day-to-day maintenance of their system.

Supplementary materials

Consultation notes, product reorder guides, Q&A notes. Gain years of insider knowledge with tips and tricks that have been years in the making.

Follow-up care

You are not on your own! Get three hours of one-on-one phone and email follow-up care to answer questions and troubleshoot problems as you start your new endeavor.

Three Argyle branded poly thin skin hair systems

Argyle Hair Solutions has invested years to bring you the best systems available on the market at a price point that won’t break the bank. The poly thin skin base material with V-loop technology gives you the most natural looking hair system available. It has taken us a very long time to put together a product that we can stand behind and say without compromise that it is the best of the best.

Argyle Peppermint Cleanse

This is the shampoo that will give your clients that revitalizing feeling before system application. Formulated specifically for hair restoration clients.


This is your all-purpose cleaning solution for service appointments.

Argyle Coconut Cleanse & Conditioner

A 2oz. size of our flagship products to send home with your clients and help them get the most from their new system.

Three different liquid adhesives

We have worked with dozens of liquid adhesives over the years and have chosen the best of the best. We include three different types of industry leading liquid adhesives to help you get the best bond possible.


This is a must for removing old adhesive during service appointments. A true time saver.

Scalp Primer

This is a go to product for ensuring that your liquid adhesive attains the best bond possible.

Organic Clay

This fully organic product will remove toxins and oils and prepare the scalp for system application. Little used by other professionals, this product will give you that extra edge in achieving an expert application.

Applicator Brushes

These are a time saver for applying glue to scalp and system.

Shine Spray

Another of our professional line products, shine spray will help protect hair against sun and environmental damage as well as giving some added shine.